Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Watching a Film Whilst....

This is soooo not me, I probably shouldn't write about it. But then again, "You Read It Here First" is committed to bringing you interesting new stuff from all over the world, from manufacturers, lifestyle gurus, geographers and psychologists, foodies and art buffs, literature lovers and techies....you name it!

And so here it is! We all know how much Brits love their hot tubs - well... now they've gone one step further: Now you can watch films whilst sitting in a hot tub. Oh yes, you can!

So if you  like nothing better than sharing a small space with plenty of strangers whilst paddling away (with your feet) in fizzy hot water, cocktail in hand, eyes straight onto the screen... then sign up for one of the Hot Tub Cinema locations springing up all over London!

Just don't expect to meet me there :)

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