Monday, 15 October 2012

It's All About Iceland

Naah.. not what you're thinking: We've heard it all before, that Nineties resort of clubbers who'd board a cheap flight from Newcastle, and club the night away in the freezing fog of Rejkjavik.

This time it's really cool, or even cold! Scandinavian product purity meets Scandinavian design meets Scandinavian exotism. And it's Icelandic drinks that have become very trendy indeed.

It started with those exclusive (and very expensive) Icelandic mineral waters where one was never quite sure whether they came out of a volcanic hot spring, or an icicle. In any case they came beautifully packaged. Then classy Icelandic vodka cleaned up in all sorts of interesting European bars.

And finally, Icelandic whisky seems to be marching in the same direction, merging purity in flavour (I have to rely on hearsay as I'm not a whisky drinker) and stunningly clean design.

So, let's drink to Iceland!

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