Sunday, 7 October 2012

How To Wear Your Iphone (Trendily)

I saw it first this summer in Stockholm - people wearing things round their necks, not necklaces but pouches. And those people weren't American tourists either- you know the sort, the ones who are so terrified of their belongings being stolen that they wear their backpacks back to front.... as front pack so to speak!
A charming look!

No, those neck pouches hung around male model look-alikes and trendy girls. And they contained... as I could observe - mobile phones.

Of course I had to get one too (from COS, in white hole-punched leather). There is a photo of me standing outside a house in Gamla Stan wearing it, but I posted it on Facebook and Facebook doesn't want to let go of it, so I'm posting just a simple specimen in a nice colour.

In Sweden, they call them "mobilväska" - in German, rather unattractively "Brustbeutel". But hey, what the hell. They're back with a vengeance! And yes, I love mine!

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