Monday, 8 October 2012

Instant Nostalgia - The Vintage Fruit

Have you noticed how they're suddenly everywhere.... Quinces?

I bought one, having been persuaded by "the wonderful scent" thing. It's pleasant enough but nothing to set the house on fire, so to speak. Not very noticeable, certainly not like having a nice scented candle.

Wrecking one's brain one may remember quince jelly, and that funny thing you're meant to eat with cheese but somehow always forget (Membrillo?) But now, all of a sudden there's cannon of lamb with a (sic!) quince sauce, quince puree, quince shavings with parsnip greens....

Why is that? Nobody in their right mind would bother with it given its rather dubious effort/reward ratio... were it not for their super-charged vintage appeal. Cameron cutting your dole money? German government pledging to sort out the debt of every EU country single-handedly? But here you are, with a fetching frilly apron on, wooden spoon in hand, stirring around in a big pot, making quince jelly.

So comforting, fragrant, out of this world, nothing can rumple the idyllic nostalgia of quinces! Or as they say in Germany:   

                                                                      Die Heile Welt

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