Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hip and Cool It's Not...

... but oh so well-designed for its purpose! I'm talking about the new mobile phone just launched by Age UK - a phone targeted at the needs and abilities of older people.

No retina display here, or icecream sandwich technology. Just a plastic case with easy buttons and big labels that does the job of ringing your loved ones when you want or need to. I wish this type of of phone was avalailable in all countries, as my elderly relatives would certainly benefit.

I think we often overlook how confusing and bewildering mobile technology is to older people. My mother's mobile phone ended up in the kitchen drawer, as she just couldn't get comfortable with it. She missed the easy and familar features of a landline and was baffled by all the menu-driven options.

So this immensely practical and sturdy looking phone with a no-nonsense straight-forward application seems genius to me.

Might also be a great Xmas present for elderly loved ones!

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