Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Crafts and Christmas Markets... Yeah! (With some personal tips)

Crafts are having a moment as you undoubtedly noticed as well. Just have a look at those beautiful Pinterest boards of that name, or look at Etsy or other craft related websites. People are knitting, crafting, papier-maché-ing, glueing bits together, woodworking, tie-dyeing - you name it.

It seems we're all in need of reassurance that the tangible, the genuine, the stuff you can feel and touch really exists. And even more importantly: That it's made with love. (And not in some horrible Chinese sweatshop where safety nets prevent people from committing suicide because their working life is so horrendous.)

Homemade, handmade - crafted with love.
My prediction therefore is that.....

......Traditional Christmas Markets - not the kinds which look like a 1970s fun-fair! will be the places to be this year. What could be more reassuring than browse through lovely crafted things on a romantically lit market square, the air scented with spices and an aroma of mulled wine?

Bobble caps and quilted jackets to the ready -this winter we will all be in a great big comfort zone - the Traditional Christmas Market, with its lovely array of beautiful things and a wonderfully protective atmosphere where nothing bad can happen.
A few that fit that bill:

  •  The most beautiful in my opinion:

  •  A really lovely one where you can learn to make candles:
Freiburg (an absolute gem of a town, well worth visiting, btw!)


  • A personal favourite: Christmas markets in Alsace, e.g. Strasbourg

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