Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Food Trends 2013

What's going to be big in terms of food in 2013? We...elll - the general consensus seems to be that 2013 will be the year of the vegetable. (Not surprising really, when you think of the cost of meat, the often diastrous conditions animals are transported in, and the terrible headlines about hormones and antibiotics found in meat.)

As to which vegetables we will all be tucking into with 2013-élan, opinions are divided - the much derided cauliflower and kale are often mentioned. I myself would put my money on coloured potatoes hitting the headlines, and in general a big surge für vintage, and rare breeds.

Which local cuisine will be tops in 2013? People in the know favour Brazilian cooking to feature large in 2013, and in harmony with that they also say that fiery Mezcal will be our top tipple (worm optional!)

The big question is: How will restaurants cope with the big slump in customer frequency? What new concepts, ideas and surprises have they got planned to lure us all back? Concept dining is being mentioned (yawn...) A more promising idea (at least in my books) is to re-create "at home suppers" in a restaurant. Meaning, going to a restaurant will be more like going to a dinner party in a friend's house - communal tables, shared bottles of wine, small gatherings, and an intimate, non-intimidating atmosphere. We'll see how that pans out. I think that restaurants will have to re-think their total approach, there is something that doesn't sit quite right with the Zeitgeist at the moment. Too fussy, too expensive, too "we set the agenda, aynd you'll have to put up with it".

Another very big trend will be home-baking, not so much the old cupcakes, but individual, interesting and high-quality products. Speciality breads will feature here, as well as in the bought category. 2013 will definitely be a bad year for pappy, white pre-sliced loaves!

Similar to the home-baking trend, but more fresh and interesting: 2013 will be the year of home-made snacks. No more multi-packs of Walker's crisps, but carefully crafted, well-thought through spicy nuts, home made bread chips, herby crackers and other delicacies.

It all sounds good fun and I for one am looking forward to a very foodie 2013!


  1. It's good to know I'm ahead of the food trends! (I love vegetables - the weirder and more wonderful the colour the better, have started home baking and recently sampled supperclubs). Looking forward to more foodie inspiration in 2013!

  2. All you're lacking then is a shot of Mezcal....;)